Supporting Local Arts and Culture in Northern Virginia

Discover how you can support local arts & culture in northern VA's community! Explore outdoor activities & volunteer opportunities available.

Supporting Local Arts and Culture in Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia is a paradise for history lovers, culture nerds, and artists alike. It is consistently ranked among the most livable regions in the country and is home to a renowned national art and historical scene. Move a little further away from the capital and you'll find an entire region of adventure in Northern Virginia. You'll find everything from picturesque vineyards in Fauquier County to one of the country's largest malls in Tysons.

With some of the best restaurants in the country and dozens of breweries and wineries, you'll never be bored. There are plenty of things to do in Fairfax, Virginia, which is home to 110 art and culture centers, including art galleries and performing arts theaters. In addition, Northern Virginia is one of the most racially, ethnically, and internationally diverse regions in the country. Welcome to your new home: you'll fit right in.

Discover your next outdoor adventure in Northern Virginia. For those seeking adventure, ziplining, hiking, and canoeing are available. Popular outdoor activities can also include natural wonders such as Shenandoah National Park. You can also visit the Wolf Trap National Performing Arts Park, which features concerts and theatrical productions.

From upscale restaurants to casual food stalls, NoVa has it all, including its beautiful “wine country”. Northern Virginia is also home to the best chefs in the industry, including James Beard nominees. If you prefer to dine from home, try Fairfax County's new takeaway route. Choose from a wide variety of dishes, from modern American dishes to a variety of international dishes. The proximity to the capital and the Blue Ridge Mountains provides residents of Northern Virginia with a variety of activities and day trips.

Take a trip across the Potomac on Harpers Ferry. Enjoy the views at a state park, where there are plenty of camping sites if you want to spend a night or two. Northern Virginia is also home to many local breweries for beer fans and wineries for wine lovers. Volunteer opportunities abound in Northern Virginia, with many local organizations dedicated to serving the elderly, children, and the homeless. If you're interested in giving back to the local community, there are several nonprofit organizations and foundations to choose from.

Find out why so many families choose to call Northern Virginia home. If you're looking for activities for your family, discover suggestions on what activities are available outdoors and indoors. We also looked at the best activity options by age group. Everyone from toddlers to teens to adults can have fun in the Northern Virginia area. Northern Virginia is home to Tysons Corner, the state's largest mall.

The area also offers top-notch shopping and retail experiences, from malls to boutiques. For an outdoor shopping experience, visit Old Town Alexandria. Its streets are filled with the widest variety of local stores in D, C.The Northern Virginia area is a treasure trove of historic sites for residents and visitors to explore. You can visit battlegrounds, Civil War artifacts, and national museums.

Be sure to visit Arlington National Cemetery and George Washington's Mount Vernon estate. A diverse region that attracts people from all over the world, Northern Virginia celebrates all the cultures that make our region unique. One of the most diverse areas in the country, about 30% of residents were born outside the United States. In addition, 40% of Fairfax County businesses are owned by minority entrepreneurs. Northern Virginia is one of the most culturally, ethnically, and internationally diverse regions in the country. This community welcomes everyone, including international residents who represent 27% of the population of Northern Virginia.

There are opportunities for everyone in this diverse community. From Arlington to Prince William, Northern Virginia is home to diverse neighborhoods each of which has its own unique character and benefits. One of the best places to live near DC, the amenities of Northern Virginia offer high value at a lower cost of living than many major metropolitan areas. Explore our cost of living calculator to help you plan your finances when you move. With a wide variety of jobs in industries ranging from aerospace to finance to technology and life sciences, find your next career move in Northern Virginia. Submit your information below and we'll add your company to the group of employers currently hiring in Northern Virginia. Help us put you on the talent map! Do you want to stay informed about relevant job opportunities and information about living in Northern Virginia? Submit your information below and we'll be in touch. Artists from Northern Virginia travel create and perform throughout the region and NVLAA expands that community building to help artists establish new connections and learn new skills says an NVLAA representative. We collaborated with Virginians for the Arts to promote participation in January's Defense of the Arts Day in Richmond Virginia State Legislature. Northern Virginia (August 8 2020) — Today local arts agencies in Arlington County The City of Alexandria and Fairfax County announce the creation of the Local Art Agencies of Northern Virginia (NVLAA) to expand resources and opportunities for artists and arts organizations throughout Washington D.

The residency program places visual and performing artists in the community who carry out interactive artistic activities. Virginia's artwork is first-class and whether you're traveling to the remote mountainous region of Southwest Virginia or to the coastal lowlands of the East Coast, you'll discover stunning examples of Virginia's rich art scene. When the community provides success stories data analysis and information about the needs objectives, and outcomes of art programs it provides key information that contributes to effective solutions, and the construction, of strong communities.
Local and regional public art networks are ad hoc groups of public art professionals who meet to discuss specific public art issues, in their community.
The Arts Commission provides leadership in developing a vibrant and sustainable arts community that engages the public.
The art companies and the creative people, they employ stimulate innovation strengthen the competitiveness, of the United States, in the global market, and play an important role.

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